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At Bloomberry, we encourage “Learning through Play” by integrating hands-on and meaningful activities in our curriculum. We believe all that children should be given the opportunities to develop their potential to the fullest. We encourage creative thinking and we see children as bearer and constructor of their own intelligence. Children at Bloomberry are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas about everything they meet or can do without fear of judgement or rejection.

Using a Project-based Learning Approach, we stimulate progressive thinking by providing materials and meaningful experiences to support our children in their pursuit of learning and understanding.

The Founders

Bloomberry Babies & Kids is founded by three sisters, Iris, Aeryn and Sherla. Like all mothers, they only wanted the best for their children; the sisters wanted an education for their children that is not confined to just books and worksheets. They wanted an education that encourages creative thinking and stimulates positive learning disposition that children can bring on with them to adulthood.

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founder aeryn 
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Bloomberry Daycare Centre Framework

Our Vision

To provide quality and meaningful early childhood experiences for children to learn and develop as life long learners

Our Mission

To create a safe, ethical and holistic environment for children to be empowered to become happy, knowledgeable, empathetic and competent individuals.

Our Philosophy

At Bloomberry, we strongly believe in maximizing every child’s potential with knowledge, skills and positive learning disposition which will develop a competent child.
We believe in providing meaningful learning experiences and opportunities to support the growth and holistic development of the children in our care through our interactive, collaborative and experiential curriculum in partnership with parents, teachers and community.

"We have to believe that the child is a bearer and constructor of his own intelligence. If we are ready to accept this, then we will modify many of our relations with him." -Loris Malaguzzi

Founder’s Story

“We always wanted a place for our children, where learning is not restricted to just books and worksheets, where our children take charge of their own learning. They are not afraid to query anything they see, hear, touch or feel. A children’s place where there is no rejections or judgements, only empowerment, laughter and fulfilling learning!”

- Iris Tan

“I always believe that children benefit the most through play and engagement. Since infant, I exposed my children to care centres to build on their independence and self confidence. I wish to see them learning happily in a fun and safe environment. As a mother, I wish my children nothing but full enjoyment in the centre as they spent most of the time there. I know the only way which I can find this ground is through my own creation. After all, only a mother knows.”

- Sherla Tan

“We understand the importance of nutritional values in meals. As a mother, I prepare only the best food for my child, paying close attention to his balanced diet and encouraging him how to perform good body control while play. I hope to cultivate children with good eating habits. Therefore, we set up this centre to ensure that we serve food that we only serve at home. A happy tummy is a healthy body!

- Aeryn Tan